NEO has a number of differentiating factors that make is a strong competitor in the blockchain space. One of these differentiators is it’s implementation of NVM at the core of the platform which allows smart contracts to be developed in multiple languages (so long as there is a compiler available). This functionality allows teams to develop smart contracts without the need to learn a new programming language.

Currently, the two most mature platforms in the NEO ecosystem are C# and python. Recently, we have seen a significant uptake in the use of python for dApp development with the release of the NEX ICO Template. This template provides a reference for projects to build from when conducting a token sale and significantly improves the platform ease of use for developers familiar with python.

Today, the Moonlight team is proud to release a new full-featured ICO template into the ecosystem to improve ease of use for C# developers that are interested in conducting a token sale on the NEO blockchain.

The team has spent a significant amount of time reviewing and auditing the template to make sure it is robust, safe and contains a number of advanced features that teams can use to improve the experience of the community when executing their token sales on the NEO platform.

Features of the new template include:

  • All NEP-5 Methods Including allowance, transferFrom, and approve
  • NEP-10 support
  • Purchase of tokens with both NEO and GAS
  • Presale methods which support tiered vesting without blocking the accounts from additional purchase
  • KYC whitelisting and participation groups with variable participation blockHeight and allocations
  • Immediate token minting upon purchase (no lock-up)
  • Multi-Stage vesting for founders allocation
  • Contract Migration
  • Presale allocation locking
  • Partial refunds at hardcap
  • Vested project token allocation

As always, we look forward to building the smart economy with the NEO community and welcome pull requests to the repository.

You can check it out here:

Additionally, if you haven’t checked out our project, you can do so at