Leveraging Dataset

After receiving exceptional response from the NEO community in European Meetups Mini-Tour in January, NEO organised a tour through the Asia-Pacific region, stopping over at cities in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and South Korea. We are glad to tell our community, Moonlight joined NEO along with Neon Exchange, VDT Network, Bluzelle, Ontology, HashPuppies and others in this wonderful expedition.

The tour began on March 3rd in Singapore where Alan Fong, presented Moonlight project and Chris Birmingham did a presentation on City Of Zion (CoZ) introduction. After this, on March 5th (Tokyo-Meetup) and on March 11th (Taipei-Meetup), Alan Fong, delivered presentations on our project. Also, on March 11th (Taipei-Workshop), Tyler B. Adams conducted a successful full day Hackathon. Our next stop was Melbourne where on March 12th, Travis Lin, presented Moonlight project. On the last leg of our journey, in Sydney on March 16th, Tyler B. Adams was the Master of Ceremonies for the Meetup where Alan Fong delivered a presentation introducing our project and Chris Birmingham presented for City Of Zion (CoZ). Subsequent to that, APAC tour came to an end. We had a marvelous time interacting with the NEO community and the response to our presentations was overwhelming for which we are extremely grateful.