There is no such thing as a perfect blockchain. No "One True Chain." No "One Chain To Rule Them All." The fact of the matter is, every single blockchain has trade-offs. Some are more or less secure or trustworthy, or have more or less transaction throughput. Some are more centralized, and others are less. These trade-offs are unavoidable, and end up leading to distinct solutions that are tailored to niches.

This presents a major issue. It is very hard to create a united “Web 3.0”, a decentralized internet, in such a divided landscape where these blockchains are not only technologically separate, but are unable to directly communicate. Finding ways to allow these chains – used for different things – to communicate, would impart great flexibility to blockchain app developers who may find that they can make use of the unique benefits of more than one chain. The capability is also known as “blockchain interoperability” or “cross-chain functionality”.

As of our latest release, Moonlight and Vivid are able to support multiple chains for handling of claims and proofs. Our platform is now able to issue and manage chain agnostic digital identity on all blockchain platforms with contract infrastructure.  In addition to this powerful capability, we've also enabled the ability to bind keys across chains irrelevant of  derivation path. As all data is controlled fully by the user, and everything is fully verifiable, this allows the use of multiple chains with great confidence on the user end.

These features will be a major advantage not only to us, but to the broader blockchain ecosystem, and we look forward to letting you know more about our progress in this area soon.