Our project, Moonlight is a distributed workforce and project management platform being developed in the NEO ecosystem by a number of City of Zion members and will be introducing a divisible, high supply NEP-5.1 system token called Lux.

What is the Lux Token?

The Lux token will use a similar, multi-token UTXO operating mechanic to NEO and Neon Exchange (NEX) to provide value to token holders. Addresses holding Lux will periodically be awarded GAS proportional to their Lux holdings. The amount of Gas awarded to Lux holders is proportional to the fees collected by the Moonlight project. The Lux token will have a utility within the ecosystem. By using the token for remittance, resolvers (the organizations that fulfill a task in the system) and issuers (the organization that create a task in the system) will be charged reduced system fees.

Token Allocation

Moonlight will be minting a total supply of 1 Billion Lux tokens as part of contract deployment. No additional Lux tokens will be minted in future. There will be no bonus provided during the pre-sale event to dissuade exploitative investing habits.

The exchange rates are as follows –

  • 1 NEO = 2,000 LX
  • 1 GAS = 800 LX
  • 1 ETH = 15,000 LX

Allocation of the tokens will be as follows –

  • Immediate project growth — 30%
  • Pre-sale — 25%
  • Public token sale — 25%
  • Vested project growth — 20%

Token sale is in Q2 as outlined in the white paper. We have recently released our first addendum after releasing the white paper last month on March 3rd and it has expanded upon the token and funding allocation within the project as well as their vesting structure in a detailed manner.

The detailed resource allocation for the Moonlight Project.

Here is the breakdown from the image above which is present in our addendum as well.

Pre-sale and Public Sale (50%):

  • 18% — Regular staffing
  • 20% — (Growth) Task seeding, marketing and user base
  • 12% — Business health, infrastructure and strategic      investments

Vested project growth ( 20%):

A fraction of the project growth tokens will become available to the project team as a means to fund project growth at 24 months.

Immediate project growth(30%):

  • 10% — Founders
  • 9% — Strategic partners
  • 11% — Core development and advisory budget
Token vesting for the founders

As you can see above, a relatively low percentage of funds (10%) will be reserved for the founders. Founder funds will also be spread over a 18 month period, following a linear quarterly maturation and beginning six months after the token sale end which we believe is quintessential for every project with a committed team to succeed in the long term as it will be incentivizing us to steadily achieve roadmap milestones with persistence. We would also like to accentuate here that a significant portion of our funds is allocated towards task seeding, marketing and user base (20%) which will be directly reinvested back into NEO Ecosystem since it will be used to build our user base by creating tasks such as funding new compilers and core improvements in wallet and tracker through the Moonlight platform. This will actively benefit the NEO community and Ecosystem growth as well.