What is trust?

It’s the basic foundation upon which all relationships are built. It’s an expectation of behavior, learned incrementally, and deals with respect, reliability and consistency. Trust can take years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Before you trust a person, you have to have faith that they are who and what they say they are. In business, we’ve created very time-consuming processes to transition from faith to a base level of trustworthiness. A mistake during any one of these processes can be expensive, in more ways than one.

What if you could circumvent faith and move directly to trust?

New Initiative — Fortnightly Reports

These reports can be a valuable tool for tracking & analyzing progress and the overall health of the project. After giving this new idea from the community some serious consideration, we are glad to let you know that we have decided to implement your suggestion starting this week. We believe transparency fosters trust and this initiative will help us in building a stronger and longer lasting relationship with our community. Our community is a vital part of our success, and we’d like to thank you for that!

Let’s get started. There are a number of meetings and discussions focused on topics like platform features, product planning, development, and marketing taking place every single week. These meetings and discussions are designed to improve the productivity of our team and prevent impromptu meetings from impeding development, design, and operations work. Last week was no different.

Development and Design

In development meetings, a primary topic was the workflow for Quality Assurance Testing. One of the key testing techniques is known as black box testing, which helps to uncover behavioral or performance issues in software under development. The goal is to build a proper framework for this. It is currently a work in progress as we’re building out our unit tests (software testing where individual components are tested). This will ultimately give us a higher level of scalability in our testing infrastructure. For example, it will allow us to do unit testing and system testing on things like smart contracts.

Our creative designers always have User Experience (UX) front of mind. The current changes being discussed by our design crew involve certain elements that come with functionalities to make the platform simpler and more user friendly.

Activity Update

  • On  the backend, we continued development of the main application, focusing  on functionality of profiles (creation of profiles, editing of  profiles, etc).
  • We implemented base functionalities for profiles on the frontend.
  • Minor defect mitigations and enhancements to features in “My Data” section.
  • Github issues were created for tracking & mitigation of the defects/bugs encountered recently.

Research, Planning, and Implementation

We discussed and implemented a new process which will be used for creating Github issues, discussions, and meetings for adding features that might be valuable in the future. The goal is to effectively create a staging ground for research and planning for what’s required to implement these additional features. This process will help in encapsulating these features better and make them more clear.

A Step Closer to Testing Phase

Our NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) draft for beta testers was finalized last week, crucially as we are about to begin guided application walkthroughs with a representative group of potential users (including HR/Recruiters, Hiring Managers, Freelancers, Contractors, etc). This will allow us to collect valuable feedback on how the product works in real-world use, while also assessing the product from a user perspective. This is of critical importance to us as we know user experience has a profound impact on how a product is received and we are determined to create and deliver a platform that excels at this.

Lastly, we are pleased to inform you that the Lux (LX) logo is now trademarked in Europe. This helps us protect our branding and reputation while we continue to work hard towards providing a quality product.

Thanks for your continued support,

Your Moonlight Team