What is trust?

It’s the basic foundation upon which all relationships are built. It’s an expectation of behavior, learned incrementally, and deals with respect, reliability and consistency. Trust can take years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Before you trust a person, you have to have faith that they are who and what they say they are. In business, we’ve created very time-consuming processes to transition from faith to a base level of trustworthiness. A mistake during any one of these processes can be expensive, in more ways than one.

What if you could circumvent faith and move directly to trust?

Development Progress

Onboarding Workflow

User onboarding is a structured learning process first-time customers go through to become accustomed with a product. We want to have an informative workflow which will make new users capable of using basic application functionality and provide navigational context about what any particular section entails. For example, it will give users a frame of reference for understanding what “My Data” is. Having a proper onboarding strategy in place is crucial as it ultimately also helps with better usability and user retention. In the last two weeks, we have defined the workflow and finished the outstanding wireframe work for onboarding information screens/pages. Our designers have also worked on the detailed design of all the elements & overall framework required for it.

Help Center Integration

There was also discussion about the need for integration of support/ticketing system on the Moonlight platform. Our team decided that it would be better to use Zendesk rather than building our own support tool in-house, as that would pull resources away from our core. Zendesk can satisfy all of our current support needs and has significant scalability if we need it. This will allow us to deliver a better customer support experience in less time.

Referral Mechanism

The referral mechanism was a little more complicated to go through and there was a lot of discussion about how it should behave. That said, user workflow and behavior for the referral mechanism has now been defined. Last week, we also started planning for detailed implementation. There were some concerns raised over implementation workload for social media sharing and so, we will continue to evaluate it as the feature matures.

Activity Update

  • Development progressed well, focusing on profiles.
  • Zendesk platform was reviewed and a number of changes were implemented to the support site interface.
  • Developers discussed issues associated with a method in profile component, conducted live debugging activity and identified a defect. Structure modification of this particular method will improve ease of use on the front-end.
  • OAuth (Open Authorization) login workflow was modified to align with other registration workflows.
  • New Github issues were created for tracking & mitigation of the defects/bugs encountered recently.

Approaching the Testing Phase

There will be multiple beta versions during the testing phase of Copernicus. These versions are tailored towards evaluating different components of the Moonlight platform. Additionally, they will also include updates and bug fixes that will be made in response to user feedback.

Last week, we finalized the list of users for guided application walkthrough that we want to go through first. It was extremely important for us to ensure that users in this list were from a group or segment of our target audience as that will allow us to get the most relevant and quality feedback. Our team also discussed a few other things including, identification of our key objectives with this application walkthrough, overall workflow and how we are going to incentivize these experienced professionals for their valuable time to keep them engaged.

Research, Planning, and Implementation

After implementation of our new planning process, there have been some changes in how the feature roadmap is defined now. All features will ideally have their own Github issues and then there will be certain requirements (Including concept definition, concept priority, evaluation & review of feature proposal, user needs and then definition of feature needs with ranked importance) which need to be fulfilled by that GitHub issue to be able to move it into the next stage. Once those requirements are defined, they are eligible to move over to formal planning process and implementation track.

There were also discussions about alignment of new features to beta versions. Planning of features for Beta 1 & 2 has been completed. Two of the features planned for implementation in Beta 1 are “My Data” and “Profile”. We are currently finishing up the profile functionalities.

Over the next two weeks, we will have a series of meetings to discuss planning of features in Beta 3, as well as some of the other workflows. Most of these features are already in varying degrees of maturity. We will also be reviewing the application walkthrough process.

Lastly, we are pleased to inform you today that Moonlight Logo is also a registered trademark in Europe now.

Thanks for your continued support,

Your Moonlight Team