What is trust?

It’s the basic foundation upon which all relationships are built. It’s an expectation of behavior, learned incrementally, and deals with respect, reliability and consistency. Trust can take years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Before you trust a person, you have to have faith that they are who and what they say they are. In business, we’ve created very time-consuming processes to transition from faith to a base level of trustworthiness. A mistake during any one of these processes can be expensive, in more ways than one.

What if you could circumvent faith and move directly to trust?

Development Progress

Overall mechanism for the profile link sharing feature has been defined. A review of the wireframes resulted in an active discussion regarding workflow, user behavior, and technical considerations. Our team was in agreement that email sharing should be in scope for the feature and so, wireframes were updated to incorporate that. This feature has now been moved to implementation track.

Github and StackOverflow Binding

The workflow for both of them, which is almost identical, has been defined. There was consensus about the overall behavior from a technical implementation perspective. We have also started the planning process and next week we will take it to the next level of maturity where we can start adding UI mockups, etc.

Referral Mechanism and Wallet Support

There was a discussion about the overall UX behavior and use of Moonlight Lux (LX) Token. Our team is in agreement that we need a “What is Moonlight Lux (LX)” page which we can link to from various parts of the platform to explain first-time users what LX is and how it operates. This will essentially help them understand what LX enables them to do and what benefits it provides on the platform.

We also discussed about the wallet behavior for the Moonlight platform. In the system, a wallet can have any number of access points similar to other major exchanges. So, a group of different payment mechanisms will be bundled together in this concept of wallet which will effectively allow users to select how they would like to pay. It will be similar to the way “My data” mechanics works right now.

Activity Update

  • We made a change to the API for profiles and how that is handled to simplify the behavior. The goal of that was to ease the front-end development initiative. As a result of that change, we have also closed out three blocker issues that were on the back-end because the methods were not intuitive to use.
  • We have a new asteroid domain worker implementation done. This is our second domain or back-end server that will be handling all the automation of the queues for things like identity verification, for example. Some of the analytical tasks on the platform can be very time consuming & resource intensive, so it’s important for us to try to offload that as much as possible from our core system. This new domain is designed to support some of that heavy lifting on the platform moving forward.
  • There were modifications on the back-end to support changes and missing components of the Profile Link Sharing feature.
  • Marketing onboarding video is now ready to be used on the platform. Although it was time consuming, we are happy with how it has turned out and believe it will prove to be a powerful and engaging onboarding tool.
  • Our designers are also working on the animations required for the onboarding workflow. Some of these videos were quite large, so they are now looking into alternatives to reduce sizing by transitioning to other formats like animated GIFs to get a more efficient setup on the platform.
  • We added some methods in the backend to testing.

Over the next two weeks, we will have a series of meetings to discuss the planning and implementation of multiple features, including identity verification. We will also discuss the overall workflow of beta 1 user testing phase and start reaching out to the selected candidates for the guided application walkthrough.

Thanks for your continued support,

Your Moonlight Team