Today we're announcing the release of new end-user features which significantly expand upon our product offering for both Moonlight and Vivid.

Vivid Enabled Apps - As part of this release, we are exposing the Vivid developer portal for application integrators. This platform will allow 3rd party applications (both apps and dApps) to configure Vivid  DSSI as an authentication provider. Using this service, Vivid Enabled applications have the ability to request verified credentials from their users securely with minimal developer overhead. They also have the ability to use our growing list of verification workflows in an easy-to-integrate package.

For Vivid Enabled applications, verification on one app is verification on all apps.

To get started, head over to!

Typescript SDK - To support the new ecosystem functionality, we've also released our asteroid typescript SDK which supports both the Moonlight and Vivid platforms.

Reddit Verification - Over the past few weeks, "Vivid" flair has been showing up on the Neo Subreddit. This verification workflow is now available to all users and the flair is issued on the Neo Subreddit once the workflow is completed. This can be accessed by verifying your Reddit account on the Moonlight platform or any other Vivid Enabled application.

Profile access keys - Every access grant issued to a profile has a unique Vivid Identity for keys issued against claims associated with a profile. This ensures that cross-talk between recipients of different access tokens is infeasible. It also allows users to revoke keys access to claims at a grant level as well as at a profile level.

QR codes - We've received multiple requests to add preformatted QR codes for profile access grants. QR codes are now available for all "link"-based profile access methods.

Enhanced Brand Distinction - A number of of design enhancements have been made to embellish features on the platform including improved distinction between the Moonlight and Vivid platforms.

Misc Performance Enhancements - Performance enhancements have been made to improve platform responsiveness. These enhancements will be particularly noticeable in Europe and the Americas.

To get started with Moonlight, register for an account at: