As you may know, two co-founders of our project, Tyler B. Adams and Alan Fong are the author and developer of the NEP-5 Token Standard. This is something we are tremendously proud of.

Our token, Moonlight Lux is a divisible, high-supply NEP-5.1 token which will use a multi-token UTXO operating mechanic similar to NEO and Neon Exchange (NEX) in order to provide additional value to token holders. Addresses holding Lux will periodically be awarded GAS proportional to their Lux holdings.

The amount of GAS awarded to Lux (LX) holders is proportional to the fees collected by the Moonlight project. After the Marketplace Initial Public Release planned for Q1 2019, the Moonlight platform will start collecting fees and Moonlight Lux Token holders will be awarded with GAS.

There will be a variable form of utility associated with the claim process, which we plan to take advantage of to additionally improve our platform. Answering user experience questions, for example, could be considered a utility. Our public sale participants will be exposed to an example of utility in the public token sale, which is planned to take place on August 11, 2018. Additionally, we will have some flexibility to provide multiple methods for claiming. More details regarding the claiming process will be available at a later date.

In addition to rewarding LX token holders with GAS, the token will have utility within the ecosystem. By using the token for remittance, resolvers and issuers will be charged reduced system fees. For example, fees will be taken when paying or receiving money for a completed task. In this case, LX will incur a 1% fee while other currencies incur a 2.5% fee. Please stay tuned for more news and updates!

Thank you for your support!

The Moonlight Team