As part of our goal to have a bare-metal relationship with the Moonlight community, we will be publishing a monthly status report which will detail general business updates. Depending on the emphasis of a specific report, the content may range from ambiguous to highly detailed and will occasionally be released alongside deep-dive articles which cover select topics in more detail.

Disclaimer: These reports are not intended to represent a complete list of team achievements. We will also not be discussing content related to exchange listings or any other topics of strategic importance.

Over the past few months, our development team has focused on platform infrastructure with the deployment of an enterprise-class back-end capable of supporting our diverse product roadmap. These components are key to allowing us to build out the features we need for our products and have been designed to scale in support of future business needs. Currently a lot of our activity is in private repositories which we plan to make public as soon as the content is secured. Making the repositories open source will be critical to leveraging the initial product offering to hiring contractors to build the subsequent releases.

In fact, many of you have taken advantage of this work with your participation in our first product offering (the token sale) which was built on top of this infrastructure and served content to our account portal which was a light-weight dApp.

While the development team has focused on infrastructure, our product designers have been conducting interviews with a diverse population of users to understand their needs. This information will be used in combination with the experiences of our team to tune our products. You can look forward to a deep-dive article on this work in the near future.

With the increased emphasis on product development, our business team is working on an updated product roadmap which will include information about our multiple swimlanes and product releases including more definition about specific features and timeline. This information should be available to the public in the next few weeks. We also recently moderated the Neo Singapore meetup and will continue our close professional relationship with them.

As we push further into product development, you can expect more frequent updates and opportunities to get involved with the product teams. We hope to hear from you on our various social platforms and enjoy speaking directly with the community whenever possible.