We are excited to announce the public release of the Moonlight platform as well as the release of our Vivid Decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity (DSSI) platform on the Neo Blockchain.

Register Here: https://app.moonlight.io/register

Starting today, users can freely register and use the platform to create and distribute multiple profiles, verify select credentials, and experience the Vivid product.  Users trying the platform are requested to submit tickets through our support portal (link at the top right of the app) if they encounter any technical or user experience issues.  Our team celebrates finding defects early and we look forward to improving the platform with your support.  As the project matures, anticipate a number of unique features that leverage the unique product design for both Moonlight and Vivid and if you have any feature ideas, please submit a ticket or contact the team on one of our social accounts linked below.

A few things to be aware of in this release:

Currently the platform operates in a shared custodial mode.  While the team doesn't have any motivation to take your assets, please DO NOT send any tokens or assets to addresses displayed on the platform unless explicitly called out as safe to receiving assets.  In a future release, we will transition to a non-custodial implementation and will provide a secure migration path for claims.

In this release we will continue to operate on a Privatenet with a plan to migrate to Mainnet in the near future. Because of the sensitivity (and immutability) of the content we publish, it is critical that the Vivid platform is fully vetted.  Upon migration, claims will be reissued to identities so reverification will not be required.

Currently, the claim topics and proofs issued on Vivid use an AES256-based Hybrid encryption strategy.  As the platform expands to support additional verification workflows, additional security regimes will become available which best suit the data sensitivity, user experience, and value horizon of the claim payloads.  The Vivid platform is designed to be extremely versatile.

If you want to learn more about Vivid, check out the following links: