Leveraging Dataset

After the sell-out of our presale, we are now pleased to announce more details on our public sale. As many are aware, we pride ourselves on building a project and community that is fair and responsible.

From a regulatory standpoint, we have done so by following the guidelines presented by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). We have also implemented a waterfall vesting strategy for all tokens sold in presale and those reserved for long-term project vesting. In concert with offering the same Lux token (LX) exchange rate at every stage of the sale and a rigorous application-based presale, we believe we have created an environment that is fair and safe for every participant.

Today we will cover more details about the Moonlight public sale, which will continue this trend.

For the Moonlight public sale, we will be accepting both NEO and GAS with no minimum participation amount. The maximum participation amount is 200,000 LX (100 NEO or 250 GAS). LX can be purchased using both NEO and GAS freely up to a participant’s maximum.

For reference, the exchange rates are as follows:

  • 2000 LX /NEO (0.0005 NEO/LX)
  • 800 LX /GAS (0.00125 GAS/LX)

Regarding the public sale procedures and dates:

We will be using newsletter subscription order to create 4 participation groups.

To participate, you will be required to pass our KYC/AML process which will require a selfie and photo identification (photo ID).

Once that process has been completed, you will be provided a group number and date based on when you registered for our newsletter.

At any time after your assigned date, up until the end of the public sale, you may participate.

There will be a ‘close-out’ phase after all groups have had a chance to participate. This phase will feature increased purchase limits for each individual.


Countries excluded by our KYC provider:

excluded countries

We look forward to completing a successful token sale together with our community, and will update you with further information as necessary as the date approaches.

Thank you for all your support!

The Moonlight Team