Today we're announcing the release of new end-user features which expand upon our product offering as well as some substantial performance improvements to the platform.

We've made a number of substantial changes to two of the platform dashboards to include profile view analytics.  We consider our user's ability to easily manage and control access to multiple profiles within the platform to be a key feature of our product offering.  The new analytics functionality expands upon this offering and provides users with granular insights into how their data is being accessed.

At the profile level, users can understand which of their profiles have the highest throughput.  This is critical for people networking with profiles that are custom tailored to a specific use.  This feature is designed to provide insights into whether specific audiences are viewing profiles that have been shared with them.

We have also extended this functionality to the Link Management section to provide even more granular information.  At this level, you can monitor throughput for each individual access method into an individual profile.  In the example above, we are tracking throughput into a profile from both a link posted on twitter as well as an email signature.  If you've ever wondered if you are generating traffic from your contact information on presentations or on a print business card, this is a great feature to leverage.

In addition to the analytics features, we have also enhanced the styling of our Vivid product offering to more clearly distinguish when users are on the Vivid platform (as opposed to Moonlight).  

As part of this release, users will also experience substantial application performance improvements.  We have refactored the platform data management strategy to substantially improve the end-user experience.

If you've built a profile and want to test out the analytics features before publishing, feel free to post links in any of our social media channels.  As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback on the new features!

In the next few releases, we'll be expanding the utility of the Vivid platform, which will also expand the utility of the Moonlight platform.

To get started with our profile analytics features, register for an account here: