The Moonlight team is pleased to announce the release of our MVP: Copernicus to a select number of users as part of our phased release strategy!  

Registered users will have access to a number of features outlined in our feature notes below.  Additionally, our global community will have access to view shared profiles distributed by the registered users.

You can find an example of a moonlight profile HERE.

If you would like to register for this phase of the release, please reach out to one of our team members on our social platforms or register your interest through the registration button at

In this release you'll find the following features:


Users of the Moonlight Platform have the ability to register with the application using their email address or through Oauth2 via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google.  Completion of the registration workflow creates an on-chain sovereign identity for the user.

Creation and Management of Attributes

Attributes are the atomic element of a Moonlight platform.  Attributes are created by the user to reflect some set of information about themselves (skills, names, academic credentials, or professional experience for example).  Attributes can be shared by attaching them to a profile for distribution.

Creation and Management of Profiles

Users have the ability to create profiles tailored to each of their needs instead of relying on a singular representation of themselves.

Basic Profile Analytics

The ability to track who/when your profile is being accessed is a critical need in the professional world.  We expose some basic features to accommodate this need with many more already planned.

Profile Link and Email Sharing

Users have the ability to generate many distinct access paths to their profiles using magic links.  Each link tracks analytics separately so you always know how someone accessed your profiles.  We also expose the ability to share profiles via email as a way to verify profile ownership (which in-turn, verifies that you control all the verified attributes associated with the profile you've shared).

Attribute Verification

In this release we've included three attribute verification workflows:

  • Email Addresses (Root ECIES encrypted)
  • Github Accounts (Root ECIES encrypted)
  • StackOverflow Accounts (Root ECIES encrypted)

Verification status of these attributes is displayed on shared profiles to indicate the the user has completed one of our verification workflows.

All verified attributes are published to a user's self sovereign identity.

Self Sovereign Identity(SSI)

In this release, we've integrated the Neo Blockchain and have deployed an array of three smart contracts outlined below:

  • Neo CNS - A contract hash provider which behaves similarly to a domain name service.
  • Neo Identity - A smart contract which manages proofs, an identity's keychain, and access for self sovereign identities.
  • Neo Claims - A smart contract which manages claims created against digital identities.

For the MVP, all blockchain interactions will be conducted on a Privatenet.  Any claims issued during this release will be reissued to Mainnet upon migration.

With these contracts, we incorporate a few key SSI features including the publishing of claims.  This set of features as well as the number of verified attribute types will expand considerably over the next few months.

More information outlining our Vivid SSI product will be available in a separate article released soon.

Our vision moving forward

As we look to the near future, we will be focusing on a number of key initiatives outlined below:

  • Resolution of UX enhancements identified during our beta, but not addressed in this release.
  • Expansion of the number of verifiable attribute types
  • Exposure of our SSI featureset to end-users
  • Expansion of profile and link analytics