Today we're excited to announce that Moonlight RC2 is available in our production environment.  In this release, we address a number of user experience and technical defects.  We have also implemented a number of performance enhancements.  Products moving forward will broadly adopt an alternating release strategy with new features being introduced in "odd" releases and sustaining being handled in "even" releases.  

In RC2, we will also be increasing the number of registered users on the platform.  You can submit a request for access through here.

A number of these enhancements can be viewed by unregistered users here: My Demo Profile

Release Notes

  • Overhaul of copy and behavior for a number of views to improve localization
  • Dynamic Terms of Service functionality
  • Support for AES256 encrypted attestations
  • Enhancements to the logged-in account widget and logout mechanism
  • Enhancements to claim issuance and email verification designs
  • Misc UX enhancements and design polish
  • Rework of the telephone create/edit behavior
  • Improvements to navigation within the Vivid platform