One of Moonlight’s greatest features is the ability to not only share your profile with others the way you want, but also to gain insights as well. Ever wanted to know if your resume has been looked at? Or who’s been looking at your profile? Well now you can with our profile analytics!

Let’s get started

First of all, you’ll want to click on one of your profiles. At the top of the profile, you’ll see a couple tabs labelled “Profile” (that’s where you are right now) and “Access Control”. You’ll want to go ahead and click on Access Control.

Once you’re there, if you haven’t yet created a link or shared a profile, the page might look a bit like this:

That’s all right, though! Let’s start filling it in now.

At the top right, there’s a button labelled “Create Link”. This is the first way you can share your profile with others. Let’s give it a relevant label, click Save, and see what we’ve got.

You should see now that a link has been created. Now you have records of what you’re calling the link, when it was created, a button to open the profile, a button to copy the shareable link (IMPORTANT!), a button to create a QR code directing to your profile,  and the ability to activate and deactivate links. Using the three-dot button to the right, you can expand a menu that allows you to rename your label, email that link, or delete the link entirely.

Speaking of emailing links – you can do this by using the aforementioned menu, or by clicking the button on the top right that says “Send Profile”. Once there, you can add a label, an email address (up to ten at once!) and click save. Emailing links is useful if you know exactly who you want to send it to or want someone to have a more easy-to-remember way to get to your profile. After all, links can be forgotten, but emails stick around!

What if you shared a profile with someone in the past, but don’t want them to have access to your information anymore? You can solve that issue with one click – just click the “Status” toggle and deactivate the link. Anyone who had that link will be unable to access your profile through it anymore. If you want to restore access, click the toggle again and reactivate the link. And if you’re really sure you want to be rid of the link, you can delete it altogether with the drop-down menu to the right.


OK, so you’ve shared a link or sent an email. Now how do we know people are looking at your profile? It’s simple!

Right at the top of the Access Control page, your analytics start to show up. Let’s take a look at what it says. We can see that today, our links have been seen 6 times. One of those views was the email link we sent. The other 5 were views of our profile from the link that was not emailed. In the next couple boxes, we can see Unique Views. It seems that here, our email was seen by 1 unique person and our link was seen by 2.

So, how exactly is this useful? Well, you can see day-by-day how many people are looking at your profile. This could give you hints as to whether your skills are in demand, or what works to attract more views to your profile. And if you’ve given a link to your profile as a resume for a job application, this will also keep you updated on whether they’ve taken a look at it! That way you know which employers are showing interest and who you should be following up on.

Another great use case is to use a different link for different situations. For example, you can use a different link to your Moonlight profile on your business card, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. That way, you can see specifically where your traffic (and potential customers or employees) are coming from.

Our link analytics are great for events as well. If you’re traveling and giving talks in different areas, for example, consider using a different link for each location. That way, you can know that people in a certain region may be more interested in what you have to say – potentially signaling a hotter market for what you have to offer. Or if you use a unique link at the end of an investment or proposal presentation, the number of views you get could signal high interest – or that you should brush up on your slides.

The possibilities are near-limitless. Just create, share, and see the results with Moonlight. And soon, you could be on your way towards opportunity!