Leveraging Dataset

We at Moonlight are building a decentralized workforce platform for the smart economy on the Neo Blockchain to establish our platform's tools which will initially include a global task match-making service and analytical project management platform. We will bring solutions for many of the issues faced by employers, project managers and individual contributors today to revolutionize the HR Industry. Our partner, Thor Token is the Gig economy on Neo Blockchain which will provide solutions for the workers and on-demand companies by introducing a Gig network, easy access of benefits and financial securities for them.

We are delighted to share this news with the Moonlight Community. Moonlight and Thor Token are instinctive partners. While Moonlight will provide a platform for trustless resumes, recruitment, and project management, ThorToken will provide the platform users with features such as benefits and payments for contractors, health insurance, paycheck processing, and retirement accounts. We believe that Moonlight and Thor Token are a great match that will provide a solid solution to the current problem of recruiting and finding a competent workforce in a quick, easy, and trustless manner.