My wallet has all the information I need for most of my daily encounters.  If I need gas, I can use either cash or a card.  If I need to prove my identity, age, or citizenship, I have my driver's license.  If I encounter a great business conversation, I can hand out a business card and connect on a social platform.  When I'm sick, I turn to my wallet for my insurance information.  I can even get a discount on beer at my local brewery using my frequent customer card.  The wallet is a critical component to how we function in society and without the information it contains, it is extremely difficult for us to function.  

While there have been a number of initiatives to digitize certain components of our wallets, I think most people would be hard-pressed to forego their physical wallets and perform efficiently in our society using only the current digital offerings due to their lack of scope. Most digital wallet offerings primarily implement financial features.  Furthermore, there is a substantial risk both to data security and availability because most implementations host the information on centrally managed infrastructure.

Today, the Moonlight team is excited to announce Vivid, a decentralized self-sovereign identity solution that we are using within our platform and will be offering to others. Vivid enables both individuals and applications to securely and easily leverage the holistic value of physical wallets in the digital world. Our solution extends beyond the current financial capabilities of most digital wallets and introduces an ecosystem which allows users to manage the entirety of their digital presence in a secure and decentralized manner.  On top of this digital identity solution, we also implement a number of verification workflows to issue verified information payloads (claims) to a user's identity.

Along with the decentralized identity, we have incorporated an industry standard authentication workflow (oauth2) so applications can enable users to quickly authenticate using a Vivid identity without any familiarity with blockchain technology.  To further lower the barrier to entry, Vivid also exposes all of its verification workflows for use by third-parties as white-label solutions.  This guarantees that any application is able to provide secure attribute verification for their users without the development overhead required for implementation. All successful verification events result in a claim published to the user's digital identity which can be used in the future within any other Vivid-enabled application.

To get started, users simply need to verify their email address through our authentication workflow embedded in every Vivid-enabled application in our ecosystem. If you've registered for the Moonlight platform, your Vivid identity has already been created and will be securely migrated on our general  release.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be releasing more technical details about the Vivid product as we ramp into its production release.  In the meantime, our team will be happy to answer your questions on our various social platforms linked below.